Fjallabak Nature Reserve

Nature Reserve is one my favorite areas in the Icelandic Highlands. There is much variety within a relatively small area; black obsidian lava, mossy green mountains agains black sanded desert, almost unreal geothermal colours with blowing steamvents, secluded moutain lakes, canyons, gorges and waterfalls which don’t have official names as they are so remote. Fjallabak is feast for landscape photographers. I hope you enjoy these few photos which don’t even come to close to capture the variety of these highlands in south Iceland.

barmur-landmannalaugar jokulgil-by-landmannalaugar

ljosarfoss-in-fjallabak veidivotn first-snow-of-fall jokulgil-in-landmannalaugarfjallabak-first-snowx alftavatngeothermal-colors green-canyon

vondugil tungnaa reykjadalir-in-fjallabaktungna-river-by-veidivotntorfajokull sheep-roundup raudufossar landmannalaugar augad